Size Matters
Saturday, May 19, 2018
Size Matters

Do Brides care the size of there wedding album?I thought I figured it all out, 2 years ago I had a dozen Brides in a row love the larger 12x12 album, then I ran into several in a row that love the 10x10 better. When I used film from 1990 to 2005, the only album size I sold besides parent albums, was a 12x12 with picture inserts. I sold hundreds of them! When the digital book or coffee table books came out, so did over dozen different sizes. I currently offer a 6x6 and 8x8 Parent Albums and a 10x10 and 12x12 Bridal Album.  One of the main reasons Brides didn't like the 12x12 album, the weight. I found a new album company 2 years ago that have a 12x12 album with a huge difference in ...

Friday, May 18, 2018
Size Matters

I recently had a 70+ year old daughter ask me to restore her dad's picture.She Googled Restoration and my name came up, what's funny, I do maybe1 restoration job a year, yet I'm on page 1.  I do 30 weddings a year andhired Main Street Host to boost my business name closer on Google topage 1 and all they did is take my money and do nothing. As of last week,I was on page 17. I complained for for a 4th time and tonight I'm movingup, now on page 8.The point of this story, don't pay someone over a thousand dollars topromise you placement,  that may not deliver.  Take it upon yourself tolearn SEO and do it for yourself and create your own placement. Anyone need a picture ...

Wedding Package Prices
Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Size Matters

How does a photographer know what to charge a Bride and Groom for there Wedding Package?  Accept for 2 years ago, Boswell Photo has always been known as an "Undercutter" in the Wedding prices department. In my mind, I'm not undercutting a Bride who can't afford the higher prices that other studio's charge. So I feel my prices are perfect, but in case I was wrong, 2 years ago I did a study on pricing. I raised my prices across the board and started another Wedding Photography Business with prices even higher than my Boswell Photo prices I raised over $500.00 each package. With the new business name, I created a different website, different phone number, flyers, business cards with a ...

Emotional Bride
Friday, January 26, 2018
Size Matters

Hello and welcome to our Blog.I don't do a lot of posts, as being the Sole Proprietor and taking care of every aspect of my business and making sure every Bride, Groom, Senior, Parents, etc... are happy with every aspect of their experience with Boswell Photo.This post is about what type of photographer am I?I do a lot of photo journalism during a wedding day, meaning I step back and catch in the moment as it happens throughout the day. I also do a lot of posing which many clients love and many do not. Within this post you will see a series of pictures of a Bride reading here fiance letter and then opening his gift, this is journalism, meaning, I don't get involved in telling the Bride how ...

Are we a 5 star studio
Friday, January 12, 2018

This Post is directed towards Weddings and how clients think. I love creating great pictures, great memories and a great relationships with every Bride, Groom, their Parents, Families and Guests and give them a great experience they will enjoy throughout the day and remember forever. Some clients know matter how well I treat them, they will always find negativeness in what I do or say.Examples:1) I complimented a mother of the Groom at a wedding in April 2017, the Bride thought I was flirting with her. I don't flirt with anyone and have to choose my words better in the future or stop complimenting people. Saying the same exact words to a Bride, she said it's not flirting, it's expected. ...